College Prep Dossier

Four years of high school is a significant amount of time. Creating a comprehensive file or dossier to record your academic journey is a crucial step in college preparation. Here’s a guide to help you set up your college prep file:

Attendance record

  • Create a spreadsheet or document to log daily attendance.
  • Include dates, classes attended, and any notes on absences or tardiness.

Course completion

  • List all the courses you’ve completed each year.
  • Note the course level (regular, honors, AP, IB, etc.) and the final grade received.


  • Maintain a separate section for your grades.
  • Update it each term with grades from report cards or transcripts.
  • Calculate your GPA for each term and overall.


  • Document any academic awards, honors, or recognitions.
  • Include extracurricular achievements, leadership roles, and community service.

Standardized Test Scores

  • Keep a record of standardized test dates and scores (SAT, ACT, etc.).
  • Note any improvements or changes in subsequent test attempts.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Track who you’ve asked for letters of recommendation.
  • Note the date requested and the date received.

College Application details

  • List the colleges you’re applying to, application deadlines, and requirements.
  • Keep track of application components submitted (essays, application forms, etc.).

Financial Aid Information:

  • Record scholarship applications, deadlines, and awarded amounts.
  • Include information on FAFSA submission and other financial aid forms.

Backup and Updates:

  • Regularly back up your file to avoid data loss.
  • Update your file promptly with new information to keep it current.